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Poetry: A New World

As I gaze across a landscape that bears no resemblance to its former self. I see an unmasked mountain range that was not there before. A dark cloud has been lifted from the top of this place; it signifies hope. Unknown hope. I can do better. I walk past the temple. Where fear, uncertainty, hatred and greed once were silent pillars; unknowingly worshiped by many; to the benefit of the few. These ruins now stand silently. Wind whipping through their once imposing, looming obelisks. The rain washes away the darkness and I know, I can do better. I head through the recovering countryside, seeing abandoned cars and houses where life once teamed unsustainably. The streets are clean. Pictures painted of a...

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Poetry: Don't Be A Dick

Don’t go out, lock your doors, cuddle up to your friends with paws!Start a hobby or read THIS book, Online dating, try your luck! Board games, Scrabble, truth or dare,Facetime your loved ones, show you care! Netflix, Prime and Now TV, Freeview and the BBC…All working to keep your boredom at bay, So stay inside, from today! Social distancing is mega shit, But let’s all make the best of it.Keep your friends and families from harm,  By not going out, it’ll work like a charm! Please be nicer to the NHS, this is one more thing, I have to address:They’ve all been amazing, through this awful time,and yet they receive: threats and crime! So, suck it up, stay indoors, keep...

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Poetry: The Time Traveller

“What year is this?” The time traveller said, As he scratched his recently apparated head, “2020” I said, sheepishly back, As he readied himself, for an attack, “Have the corpses… come back to life yet?” “The what?” I say, (I’m starting to sweat). “Oh Shit” he says - as he furrows his brow, “We’ve got a fun fifteen years, ahead of us now!”

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