Poetry: A New World

As I gaze across a landscape that bears no resemblance to its former self. I see an unmasked mountain range that was not there before. A dark cloud has been lifted from the top of this place; it signifies hope. Unknown hope. I can do better.

I walk past the temple. Where fear, uncertainty, hatred and greed once were silent pillars; unknowingly worshiped by many; to the benefit of the few. These ruins now stand silently. Wind whipping through their once imposing, looming obelisks. The rain washes away the darkness and I know, I can do better.

I head through the recovering countryside, seeing abandoned cars and houses where life once teamed unsustainably. The streets are clean. Pictures painted of a perfect world now lay discarded unloved on every corner. Cracked frames and shattered shards of glass haunt the places that we once met in our ignorance and still, I can do better.

The sounds of the old-world ricochet in my mind. Sounds that brought me comfort; now only ghostly memories of a time that has passed. My eyes fill up. I breathe, deeply. I compose myself and know – I can do better.

I can see further than I could before. Like I have taken a new drug that opens my eyes, properly, for the first time ever and forces me to see. Painful truths of our previous choices; that we all must accept. Guilt does us no favours. I look even further; across sleeping towns and eerily quiet cities, motorways that make no sound and airports that have
chained their birds to the ground. They make no noise. Silently, we all agree, we can do better.

My memory works differently now. My mind paints pictures that my hands translate. Beautiful, artistic flourishes in all kinds of colours; purple is pain, yellow – humour, green is Isolation and red is reality.

And fear? Fear penetrates all of the colours like a photo filter. It is there but not fully. It is like nothing I have ever felt before.
These colours come to life when I look across our broken metaphoric landscape. As I remind myself. I can do better.

We can do better.