Poetry: Don't Be A Dick

Don’t go out, lock your doors, cuddle up to your friends with paws!
Start a hobby or read THIS book, Online dating, try your luck!

Board games, Scrabble, truth or dare,
Facetime your loved ones, show you care!

Netflix, Prime and Now TV, Freeview and the BBC…
All working to keep your boredom at bay, So stay inside, from today!

Social distancing is mega shit, But let’s all make the best of it.
Keep your friends and families from harm,  By not going out, it’ll work like a charm!

Please be nicer to the NHS, this is one more thing, I have to address:
They’ve all been amazing, through this awful time,
and yet they receive: threats and crime!

So, suck it up, stay indoors, keep your distance in the stores.
Doctors and nurses, police and more, giving up their safety, save your uproar!

Don’t be a dick, be helpful and kind, Stay in for them and keep in your mind:

Let’s work together, let’s aim to be free and be someone that others aspire to be!
When all this is over, when the virus is dead,

How many deaths will you hold on your head?